At Humble & Poe we believe that objects carry stories with them. They can be infused with love, lift our spirits, invite nostalgia. Objects are placed about our home and our lives as a curated collection of memories, stories, style, and personality. And part of the Humble & Poe story is that we contribute a portion of every sale toward organizations doing important work for women.

Humble & Poe strives to be a thoughtful shopping experience and learning resource where you can find décor and objects with pop and personality, learn about what’s happening in the world, and feel good that you’ve made a positive contribution toward bettering a woman’s life.

I hope that you’ll allow Humble & Poe to be a punctuation mark to your story. If you’d like to stay in touch to hear about Humble & Poe happenings, consider joining the Humble & Poe mailing list.